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16 Dec 2014

The Wedding Invitation Guide – Pt. 1

The season may be slow, but wedding planning is most definitely in full swing. We thought that it might be helpful to start a few series sharing some advice on topics we are most frequently asked about. Today begins the series on The Wedding Invitation. We will break it down into different topics that go more in depth related to questions we’ve received. So hang on and lets figure out…. THE WEDDING INVITAION – WHO SHOULD YOU INVITE {Now take into mind that next week we will discuss who/when you should have an A & B list, and how to...
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01 Aug 2013

Engagement Picture 4-1-1

Today marks our first post of Trendy Topics that we will be bringing to you weekly. This week’s topic is Engagement Pictures! With summer winding down, and the heat finally beginning to show some reprieve, we know that a lot of our engaged couples are prepping for engagement photos. So, we figured it would be a wonderful opportunity to shed a little light on the whole idea. We will give you our opinion and also share the opinion of some fantastic photographers as well, and hopefully you can walk away feeling a little more sound regarding the process. Why is...
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