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28 Jul 2014

We’ve got some exciting news!!

As You Wish sure has been blessed with some amazing clients and their weddings, and we love being able to share the images with you!  This blog post has two great unveilings wrapped into one! As You Wish is honored to be one of the hand picked vendors featured on The Lovely Find!  We love their blog and are absolutely ecstatic to be a part of it!   In order to be featured we of course had to share some images from one of our events.  We chose Rebecca and Jeremy’s wedding that was held at the Hermitage Museum and...
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31 Dec 2013

Tyler and Martin’s New Year’s Eve Wedding!

Two years ago on a beautiful sunny December day two crazy kids decided to have a wedding…on New Year’s Eve!  I can never contain my excitement when a couple comes to me with an out of the box vision or idea, so when Tyler asked me to coordinate her wedding I knew that it was going to be an amazing event.  You see, Tyler and Martin are both incredibly talented designers, photographers, and filmmakers.  The two of them together make a creative powerhouse (and 2/3 of The Girl Tyler team), unlike anything the Hampton Roads wedding industry has ever seen...
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