Five Wedding Etiquette Tips

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 10:12 am



November brings glorious weather changes and a slightly slower pace around these parts. So we figured that today would be the perfect day to reflect upon some big wedding etiquette tips that our amazing new 2015 brides might find helpful as well as YOU!

1) The Paper Goods
- Make sure that you are addressing your invite correctly.
- Please only send Save the Dates to people you plan on sending invitations to.
-Do not be tempted to include gift information on the invitation

2) Over Sharing on Social Media
- We are blessed to live in the time of INFORMATION NOW, but be careful how quickly you post that ring picture to twitter. Did you call mom/dad/granny first?
-Before you go on a rant about that ugly turkey platter you received, think will cousin Betty call her mom and tell her you hated her gift?
-Same for guests, hate the chicken? Keep that tidbit to yourself don’t share it for the bride to find upon return from her honeymoon.

3) Using Your Phone
-Wedding photographers in our area average $4000, your iPhone 6 probably cost you $200. Why don’t we leave the gorgeous pictures to the professionals?! We all enjoy those candid dance floors shots, but when you hold your arm out into the middle of the aisle you are taking away from an opportunity to document one of the most amazing moments in a wedding. And NO, the photographer cannot just Photoshop you out, if the Bride thought your skills were that amazing she would’ve hired you. Trust us.
-Please don’t be Facebooking and Instagraming throughout the whole event. If you are more worried about what your other friends are doing then go join them! The bride and groom want you present, this is one of the best moments of their lives. And it’s a free party! Enjoy!

4) Know the Dress Code
-NEVER wear white. Unless the bride specifically stated that she wants guests in white it is completely inappropriate. That goes for cream, ivory, or any other variation of the color. This rule is ALWAYS in effect, even if the bride happens to be wearing blush, cocoa, or whatever else she fancies.
-If it is a beach wedding… wear your flip flops and shorts. If the wedding is indoors and questionable on formal/semi-formal/etc, always over dress.
-School rules should totally apply. Dresses shouldn’t show your hiney, and babies shouldn’t confuse your chest for a meal. Guys, graphic t-shirts are for Sunday Funday. Just err on the side of caution

5) Invite Responses
-Please RSVP on time! You shouldn’t even have to buy a stamp, it is included on the response card, all you have to do is check Yes or No and pop it in your mailbox.
-Please do not ask to bring extra people. That goes for kids and significant others. If they are not listed on the envelope then they are not invited. I get it, sometimes it sucks and is inconvenient, but you got to set the guest list for your wedding and so do this bride and groom. You will have a great time no matter what!

Now I’m sure that we could write 500 tips and tricks for etiquette, but we are by no means Emily Post and times change. These are just a few items that came to mind for making wedding planning or attending a much more pleasant experience!

Have a specific question? Shoot us an email! We’d be happy to answer it and perhaps you’ll inspire a whole new blog post for us!

The As You Wish Team